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Shivangi Enterprises

SHIVANGI ENTERPRISES is the name is synonymous with innovation, engineering excellence for the manufacture of premium quality of standard passanger lift, Goods lift, hospital lift, auto door lift, glass lift, stretcher lift, dumb waiter, capsule lift, drive lift, hoist system, drum lift. HYDRAULIC ELEVATOR - automobile, passenger, goods, material , and car lift. with a keen focus on superior service and client based engineering & technical solutions.

We also integrate professional management with sophisticated technology for enhanced performance and trade expertise combined with proven ability to implement effective solution with the deep proven experience in the life industry to serve our customer’s best needs.

Our most important capital is the perfect synergy of hi-tech employee competence and the effective use of global know-how through research & practical application.

We are a registered & licensed company for the work of Erection and Maintenance of elevator, which does not compromise on the quality of its products.

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